Chapter Two: Call of the King.

Part III

Kallian didn’t want to get in any trouble, so before the guards would notice him he went back to bed.

Early in the morning everyone got up hearing the loud voices of the guards. They all were ordered to gather outside each tent and wait. So they did. Outside Kallian could see that the camp was growing very fast. Even now people were arriving from every direction of the kingdom. More and more tent was placed by the soldiers. Today was the day when they finally would knew the true reason of the king’s call.

Tolin: Good morning Kallian. So you finally ready to meet this kingdom great Genera? Kallian heard Tolins voice as he was approaching him. He didn’t saw him inside when he woke up.
Kallian: Godd morning. Where were you? I didn’t saw you in.
Tolin: I got up earlier for my morning run. When I was passing close to some guards I heared that the Great Armon him self will be here to talk to us. I’m so exited my friend. You don’t have the opportunity to see such a man often in your life. Kallian could see that Tolin was much exited. Even he had heard storys about this man called Armon. Yes Armon The Great! He thought. I remember when I was little boy, I would pretend to be him. There wasn’t war between kingdoms. So the army would play the role of police and protecting the kingdoms from bandits and not often rebels. Stories about Armon were spreading among the kingdoms he considered to be one of the strongest in whole the land. Soon they heard the guards calling the men to gather in the center of the camp.
Everyone was at the center, there was also the officer’s and the guards made a circle in the middle. Kallian could hear whispers everywhere. People were anxious to see who would come to speak to them. Only Tolin was smiling and fixing his jacket. After few minutes there he was entering the inner circle on his black horse, Armon the Great wearing his green shiny armor and a long great sword. He looked around and then raised his great sword to the air and yelled.

Armon the Great: Hail Attus Antillian! Hail our new King! Everyone froze for a second and then like something got into them, they yelled after him the same words. When they finally got quiet he spoke.
Armon the Great: I greet you all my fellow citizen of Forest Kingdom! Finally we have a king. Finally we have a voice in the council of the Kings! Everyone where nodding and even some men from the crowd yelled “Yes!” , “Finally”, “Long Live the King” and many more. It was true for many years after the death of Auren Antillian uncle of Attus the forest kingdom didn’t have a voice in king’s council. This meting was held every six months to discuss the future of the land and solve any problems that any kingdom could have. So it was hard for the Forest kingdom having no one to speak for them.
Armon the Great: Now when we finally got voice. Now … He stopped for few second then with louder and much angrier voice said. The other kingdom turn they back on us! They say our king isn’t pure blooded! They say or king must be removed at once! They threaten us with war! Will we let them do that!? When the Book of Bloodline found our king worthy to be our ruler! Kallian could see the men there getting angrier by the second even Tolin were yelling “Let them come!”. Kallian was confused he didn’t knew how to respond to all this. In all his confusion his heart almost stoped when he heared a mouse that was on his shoulder, talking to him.

Mouse: So its began…

What Kallian should do:

1.Throw the mouse off him
2.Try to hide and speak to the mouse
3.Ignore it and yell “Let them come!”

Thank you once more for voting. Your choise this time is the first “Go back to sleep.” Coming up Part III of the Second Chapter. Kallian meets new friend or what?

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Chapter Two: Call of the King.

Part II

Five days after Kallian arrived to the camp that was created especially for men who had answered king’s call. The camp was located right outside the Capital city of forest kingdom Antolin in a small forest called kings garden. As he was entering the camp he saw large number of people arriving from all directions.

Guard: Name? Kallian saw a city guard that was checking everyone as they ender the camp.
Kallian: My name is Kallian I come from Greenfield sir…
Guard: Well Kallian from Greenfield follow the crowd and find you a place to sit and wait for orders. Next!

Kallian did as the guard said and put his backpack near a tree and sat down. The camp was large, bigger than his village. Kallian was looking amazed by so many people gathered in one place. Everyone seemed confused for the reason that brought them here. He saw many soldiers that were also there, putting tents all over the place. As he was sitting there his thoughts were back home. I must obey even if I don’t want to that was my word that day. Maybe I shouldn’t be here? But what else you could do? No you did right! He said to himself over and over again. Altho before he leaves Greenfield he went to find Brondir but he wasn’t there anymore. He thought over and over that maybe it was his imagination after all. But deep down inside him he knew that what he saw that night was true.

Young Man: Hey there. My name is Tolin. Can I sit with you? Kallian heard a voice and looked up. He saw a young man around his age with dark long hair and he looked big and muscular, but his voice gentle and soft.
Kallian: Yes of course. My name is Kallian I am from GreenField.
Tolin: GreenField you say? Then he laughed and said
Tolin: My aunt lives there. Her name is Miri.
Kallia: Yes Mrs.Miri I know here of course. Kallian was happy he felt good being with Tolin. The talked about they home and swapped stories.
Tolin: You know these call is dream come true to me!
Kallian: Why is that?
Tolin: I always wanted to become soldier…A dream to become great warrior you can say. He said and made a fist and rose to the sky.
Kallian: Warrior you say? I never thought of it. I always believed I became a tree cutter like all in my family up until now. I don’t know how. He said and smiled.
Tolin: Don’t worry. I will help you with that.

Time passed and more people gathered at the camp. Soon military officers where dividing all of them in smaller groups. Kallian was happy to find out that he was in the same group as Tolin. Each group was placed in a tent under the supervision of two guards. Tomorrow the military general will be there they said and after that people will know they duties. As far Kallian could understand the king was gathering an army. But why no one would tell. That was enough suspicious to him. The night came really fast and all of them were tired. Even if it was really cold night and the tents weren’t warm at all, everyone fell asleep.
In the middle of the night Kallian woke up. He was freezing so he took out from his backpack another leather jacket that Emian made for him. He walk out the two guards was sleeping. The camp seemed so peaceful and quiet. His eyes fell on the officer’s tent, there was light and he could here people talking.

What Kallian should do?

1.Go back to sleep.
2.Sneak to the officer’s tent and listen what they talking about.
3.Walk around until get tired.

Thank you for voting. Your choice was “2. I must obey even if I don’t want to”. So lets see what happens next in the second part of Chapter Two.

Chapter Two: Call of the King.

Part I:

It was almost morning, Kallian slowly walked out of the forest. It was the strangest night of his life. His head full of thoughts. Was it true what he saw and heard tonight? This land wasn’t really what he thought it was? And if it was all true what Brondir revealed, was he really the one who could do something? He stopped and screamed

Kallian: What I’m supposed to do now?! Then he stopped and looked around. The snow almost stopped, the village looked empty it was still early even for the villagers to be up.

Kallian: I know I tolled him that I need time to think and that I will return soon with the answer. But will I? Never mind I must hurry back before my uncle wakes up he thought and rushed home. Fortunately he found that Emian was sleeping and quetly walked towards his bead when he heard.

Emian: You was out all night Kallian… Is everything ok? Emian spoke as he was getting up.
Kallian froze for a second he didn’t know what to say

Kallian: I couldn’t sleep uncle… I walked around in the forest… He lied. He felt ouful espesialy lie to his uncle but he felt that he couldn’t tell him the truth.
Emian looked at him for a moment then spoked

Emian: You know that I am here for you? Anything that bothers you, you can tell me. He spoke, got up and started to get ready for work. This time of the year was a busiest one espesialy for a woodcutter.

Emian: You can sleep today. I will go alone.
Kallia: No I can come! I’m fine.
Emian: It's ok you are still young. You’ll cut plenty of trees in your life. Now rest. Kallian didn’t want to argue with his uncle. He was really tired after all. Emian light up the fire for him and left. Kallian fell asleep but his dreams where dark and images of what Brondir tolled him where spinning around.
He got up around midday hearing his uncles voice.
Emian: Wake up Kallian. Wake up boy. Emian was over his bed and he seemed scared of something. Kallian got up quickly.
Kallian: What happened? He asked and placed his hands on Emian shoulders.
Emian: Come with me. You must see this!
Together they walked out towards the In. There was almost everyone in the village looking on some kind of announcement. They walked close and Kallian read it.

“Hear all citizens of Forest Kingdom.
This day is the Beginning of new age.
Finally Attus Antillian crowned king.

Hail Attus Antillian! Hail Our King! Hail the Ruler of Forest Kingdom!

Hear his first orders:

All capable young men are to show themselves in the Kings Castle within one week.
You will be given the blessing to serve in your Great Kings Army.
Those who refuse to come will be named traitors and be punished!

Hail Attus Antillian! Hail Our King! Hail the Ruler of Forest Kingdom!”

Emian grabbed Kallian from his shoulders

Emian: What will we do? This is king’s order!

Kallian answer:

1.Don’t worry uncle we will find a way out.
2.I must obey even if I don’t want to
3.I will hide in the forest. It will protect me!

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