Chapter Two: Call of the King.

Part I:

It was almost morning, Kallian slowly walked out of the forest. It was the strangest night of his life. His head full of thoughts. Was it true what he saw and heard tonight? This land wasn’t really what he thought it was? And if it was all true what Brondir revealed, was he really the one who could do something? He stopped and screamed

Kallian: What I’m supposed to do now?! Then he stopped and looked around. The snow almost stopped, the village looked empty it was still early even for the villagers to be up.

Kallian: I know I tolled him that I need time to think and that I will return soon with the answer. But will I? Never mind I must hurry back before my uncle wakes up he thought and rushed home. Fortunately he found that Emian was sleeping and quetly walked towards his bead when he heard.

Emian: You was out all night Kallian… Is everything ok? Emian spoke as he was getting up.
Kallian froze for a second he didn’t know what to say

Kallian: I couldn’t sleep uncle… I walked around in the forest… He lied. He felt ouful espesialy lie to his uncle but he felt that he couldn’t tell him the truth.
Emian looked at him for a moment then spoked

Emian: You know that I am here for you? Anything that bothers you, you can tell me. He spoke, got up and started to get ready for work. This time of the year was a busiest one espesialy for a woodcutter.

Emian: You can sleep today. I will go alone.
Kallia: No I can come! I’m fine.
Emian: It's ok you are still young. You’ll cut plenty of trees in your life. Now rest. Kallian didn’t want to argue with his uncle. He was really tired after all. Emian light up the fire for him and left. Kallian fell asleep but his dreams where dark and images of what Brondir tolled him where spinning around.
He got up around midday hearing his uncles voice.
Emian: Wake up Kallian. Wake up boy. Emian was over his bed and he seemed scared of something. Kallian got up quickly.
Kallian: What happened? He asked and placed his hands on Emian shoulders.
Emian: Come with me. You must see this!
Together they walked out towards the In. There was almost everyone in the village looking on some kind of announcement. They walked close and Kallian read it.

“Hear all citizens of Forest Kingdom.
This day is the Beginning of new age.
Finally Attus Antillian crowned king.

Hail Attus Antillian! Hail Our King! Hail the Ruler of Forest Kingdom!

Hear his first orders:

All capable young men are to show themselves in the Kings Castle within one week.
You will be given the blessing to serve in your Great Kings Army.
Those who refuse to come will be named traitors and be punished!

Hail Attus Antillian! Hail Our King! Hail the Ruler of Forest Kingdom!”

Emian grabbed Kallian from his shoulders

Emian: What will we do? This is king’s order!

Kallian answer:

1.Don’t worry uncle we will find a way out.
2.I must obey even if I don’t want to
3.I will hide in the forest. It will protect me!


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