Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian looked at Brondir and after few seconds he spoke

Kallian: Maybe I’m young but I decide my destiny! Now speak. Why am I here? After Kallian spoke for couple of minutes there was silence. Loud laugh came out from Brondir soon after.

Brondir the tree:
You got some guts to talk to me like that boy! After saying this few words Brondr waited for some reaction from Kallian side. But the boy stood there and stare him with wide open eyes.
Brondir the tree: Well then… It would be better if you knew the truth. What you’ll do with it? It’s another matter.

Kallian didn’t spoke just waited there with ears wide open and his heart beat were rising up as he heard what Brondir had to say.

Brondir the tree: The story of this land goes way back… When this land called Wondrous Land. Living beings like me were ruling this land. This planet was created by pure magic that provided us with life and longevity. For many thousands years we all lived in harmony, maintaining the balance of life that were required by this planet. It was 5000 years before this day when your kind appeared. At first we welcomed you and treated you with respect and love like any of these land creations. But soon we saw the ugly side of your kind. The unreasonable need for power led this land into war that we couldn’t win. Our numbers was growing a lot slower than yours and the balance of this land was broken. Few of us that left made an agreement with your leader Beron Antillian.

Only by hearing this name Kallian got filled with excitement and was anxious to hear the rest of the story.

Kallian: And what happened then? What agreement you and the Great King had?
Brondir the tree: Patience boy… I see I have your complete attention now. Where was I? Oh yes! Beron… Beron Antillian. After our meeting we opened his eyes and he saw what our war had brought to the land. We had fought only for few years but the damage was too great to let it continue. To create another balance we agreed that the creatures of the past will stay in shadows. Never interfere again. On the other hand your kind will rule the land under the name of Antillian and the secret of this agreement will be transferred from one king to another.

Brondir stoped to take a good look at Kallian who stood there listening carefully every word he said.

Brondir the tree: We stayed this way almost 5000 years now, boy. But it seems the time to break the silence came. The Antillian line has been broken and the new king will use the secrets of this land and lead this planet and everyone to death.

Kallian: What you say is impossible! All our kings are chosen from the book of Bloodline. You speak of false king? You speak of secrets that can destroy us? How can you know that its true?
Brondir the tree: I wish we could trust you right away young Kallian… I personaly do! But to know all secrets that this land has you first must pass a test to prove yourself. Are you ready to do so young Kallian?

Kallian looked serius, he stood there and didn’t speak. The sun was almost up and the snow slowly starts to fall again. He looked up to the sky and opened his arms to welcome the snow and said.

What he said?

1.I liked the story. But it’s only that. Goodbye!
2.I will pass the test. If this land is in danger I’ll do my best to help!
3.I need time to think. I will return soon with the answer.

Thank you for voting. This vote ended and in question What Kallian Should say: You voted «3.Maybe I’m young but I decide my destiny! Now speak. Why am I here? ". So let’s see how Brondir reacted and what he said right after.

Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian was filled with mixed emotions fear and you can say excitement of what he could see and hear right in front of him.

The Tree: What’s wrong boy… Come closer… I don’t suppose you are afraid of me? (Kallian heard the tree speak again and then make a loud noise. He could swear that the tree was laughing)Kallian tried to ignore his fear and walked slowly toward the tree. Still he couldn’t believe what his eyes showed him.

Kallian: It’s a talking tree… (He thought out loud.)
The Tree: A Tree you say!? Me? I am the guardian spirit of this forest young boy! (The tree became louder)

For a second Kallian thought that he maybe should run from here. Not only he saw a talking tree but he made it mad. But then the tree lowered its voice and talked more quietly.

The Tree: But of course you couldn’t know that. I am known as Brondir the Forest Guardian. I’m happy to see you well young Kallian.
Kallian: You know me? How…? (He asked surprised that Brondir the tree spoke his name)
Brondir the tree: I remember you since you were a young boy, playing and gathering flowers here. I remember you because I am here hidden for many thousand years and you are the first human who could ever see me. (Kallian couldn’t remember seeing the tree when he was younger but everything else the tree said was true.)
Kallian: Everything you say it’s true but I have never seen you in my life. Not until now at least. Brondir the tree laughed and said
Brondir the tree: Yes I left from your memory young boy. I left because we have an agreement that last almost 5000 years now. An agreement that we made with humans
Kallian: I don’t know anything about an agreement between humans and Spirits.
Brondir the tree: Well then maybe it’s a time for you to know. But I must warn you young Kallian. Once you know the truth there is no turning back. (Kallian felt a cold air running thru his body)
Kallian: No turning back? (He asked and opened his eyes widely)
Brondir the tree: Yes. Once you hear the truth you cannot go back to your life again.

What Kallian Should say:

1.My life is too precious to me! And I cannot leave my uncle alone!
2.I am prepared to pay the cost for truth. Whatever it is!
3.Maybe I’m young but I decide my destiny! Now speak. Why am I here?

Once again thank you for reading and voting. The result of the second vote is "1. Get Up and walk towards the tree". Lets see what will happen next.

Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian was confused. Was it real or his ears playing tricks on him? After a few minutes his curiosity won and he quietly dressed and went out without causing any noise. He looked for his hand axe that was laying near the door and placed it on his belt. For some reason he chose his direction like he knew where to go. The forest was deep and dark. The snow made his path difficult but he didn’t give up. He knew this forest like his five fingers. When he was younger he used to play here alone for many hours, pretending to be a royal knight. Many thoughts where passing his mind. Why I’m here? What do I expect to find? Kallian didn’t hear the voice since he left the house. Maybe it was my imagination after all, he thought. I should return back. What if my uncle wakes up and don’t see me there. But before he could finish his thoughts he heard someone singing. It was the same voice, he was sure. Beautiful song in language that he didn’t understand, he felt warm and peaceful. Kallian walked quietly towards the voice and after hiding behind a tree he looked.
There she was. A young beautiful woman dancing and singing around the biggest tree he ever saw. 'I remembered this place, it was an opening deep in the forest' he thought. When he was little he was gathering flowers here for his mother. But this tree wasn’t here back then. And this beautiful woman whoose skin was white like snow and long white hair that gently touched the snow as she was dancing.. Who is she? With these thoughts he stood there charmed from her dance and voice. After few minutes passed, with big surprise and fear he saw the tree starting to shake and made this loud noise that was piercing his ears. With his hands he covered the ears and screamed from pain. When the loud noise stopped he heard a deep and loud voice.

Young boy… Come closer to me…

Kallian opened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw. The woman wasn’t there anymore. Only the three that spoke to him.

What should he do? :

1. Get up and walk towards the tree?
2. Run back and reveal everything to his uncle?
3. Run back in fear and pretend that nothing happened?

Thank you for reading and voting. I’m glad that people liked the story and want to see what will happen next, with their help. The fist vote ended end the action that you selected "1. Follow the Voice in secret form his Uncle ". So coming up what happened after Kallian followed the voice.

Story 1 - Wondrous Land

Wondrous Land

Our story begins in the land Concoria in the year 4050, age of Antillian. Let me begin with the known history of the land. According to king Maren's Antillian palace records, the human civilization began 5000 years before our day. The counting of years begins 50 years later, when the first King of Concoria Beron Antillian started to organize the populations of Concoria under his rule. The land went through many wars in the first 1000 years but in the end, when the great battle of Countless Death's took place, the Antillian's were named as the superior rulers of the known world.
After that year, till our days, Antillian bloodline rules the land of Concoria. Today divided in 4 Kingdoms, each of the kings are direct descendants of Beron Artillian according to the records from the Book of Bloodline. In the North, the Holly Kingdom and the ruler Maren Antillian The First. In the South, the Sea Kingdom and the ruler Kasher Antillian The Fifth. East, the Desert Kingdom and the ruler Millian Antillian. Finally west, the Forrest Kingdom and its ruler, a young prince named Attus Antillian.
According to any record i could find, this is a land without anything unusual. That was all until we can see the myths that surround the Land of Concoria. And this is of course if someone believes in myths and legends. Unwritten records show us that the history of the land goes way back, when this land was known as the Wonders Land. A time when magic and magical creatures were walking the land. The more we try to find anything about that time, if there has even been such a time, the less answers we find. That was the end of the search and the whispers about Wondrous Land until the year 5000, age of Antillian. When the story takes us to the west, in Forrest Kingdom, to little Village GreenField, where a young man called Kallian lives.

Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

This young man Kallian comes from a long line of farmers and Tree cutters. He lives in GreenField under the same roof as his uncle Emian who took care of him since he was young boy. It is a cold winter and the two of them are gathering wood at the east side of the village. Everything is so white from the snow that covers forest. As we come closer we can hear man’s voice.

Emian : Hurry up young man, we will freeze here if you don’t pick up your speed. (He spoke as he was gathering wood from the ground)
Kallian : Yes uncle. Its just... The forest seems different today, somehow... (Said the boy while staring deep in to the forest)
Emian : What is so different...? Stop that nonsense and lets hurry up. (Emian spoke and started walking towards the village)

Soon after, Kallian followed his uncle carrying wood on his back and thoughts in his mind of what he had felt before. When they got back, everyone began doing their work. They repaired some holes in the house, that was old and barely standing. Fortunately for them, they had enough food on the table and wouldn’t go hunting today. The day passed, as always uncle Emian was sitting near the fire smoking his pipe and Kallian was looking outside the window. The snow had stopped for this night, it looked that way. The sky was clean and the stars were bright. Couple ours after uncle Emian and Kallian where sleeping in the same room to be closer to the fire:

Kallian... Wake Up Boy... Kallian...

In the sound of a woman’s voice Kallian woke up. He looked around, the fire was almost burned out. His uncle was sleeping and no one else was there. That was strange he thought as he was looking around and then he tried to sleep again.

Kallian... Wake Up Boy... Kallian... Come to Me...

This time he was still awake and the woman’s voice was real. For some reason he looked outside the window toward the forest having the same strange feeling as before.

What action he must take:

1. Follow the Voice in secret from his Uncle?
2. Wake up his uncle and tell him everything?
3. Ignore the voice and sleep?

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