Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian was filled with mixed emotions fear and you can say excitement of what he could see and hear right in front of him.

The Tree: What’s wrong boy… Come closer… I don’t suppose you are afraid of me? (Kallian heard the tree speak again and then make a loud noise. He could swear that the tree was laughing)Kallian tried to ignore his fear and walked slowly toward the tree. Still he couldn’t believe what his eyes showed him.

Kallian: It’s a talking tree… (He thought out loud.)
The Tree: A Tree you say!? Me? I am the guardian spirit of this forest young boy! (The tree became louder)

For a second Kallian thought that he maybe should run from here. Not only he saw a talking tree but he made it mad. But then the tree lowered its voice and talked more quietly.

The Tree: But of course you couldn’t know that. I am known as Brondir the Forest Guardian. I’m happy to see you well young Kallian.
Kallian: You know me? How…? (He asked surprised that Brondir the tree spoke his name)
Brondir the tree: I remember you since you were a young boy, playing and gathering flowers here. I remember you because I am here hidden for many thousand years and you are the first human who could ever see me. (Kallian couldn’t remember seeing the tree when he was younger but everything else the tree said was true.)
Kallian: Everything you say it’s true but I have never seen you in my life. Not until now at least. Brondir the tree laughed and said
Brondir the tree: Yes I left from your memory young boy. I left because we have an agreement that last almost 5000 years now. An agreement that we made with humans
Kallian: I don’t know anything about an agreement between humans and Spirits.
Brondir the tree: Well then maybe it’s a time for you to know. But I must warn you young Kallian. Once you know the truth there is no turning back. (Kallian felt a cold air running thru his body)
Kallian: No turning back? (He asked and opened his eyes widely)
Brondir the tree: Yes. Once you hear the truth you cannot go back to your life again.

What Kallian Should say:

1.My life is too precious to me! And I cannot leave my uncle alone!
2.I am prepared to pay the cost for truth. Whatever it is!
3.Maybe I’m young but I decide my destiny! Now speak. Why am I here?


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