Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian looked at Brondir and after few seconds he spoke

Kallian: Maybe I’m young but I decide my destiny! Now speak. Why am I here? After Kallian spoke for couple of minutes there was silence. Loud laugh came out from Brondir soon after.

Brondir the tree:
You got some guts to talk to me like that boy! After saying this few words Brondr waited for some reaction from Kallian side. But the boy stood there and stare him with wide open eyes.
Brondir the tree: Well then… It would be better if you knew the truth. What you’ll do with it? It’s another matter.

Kallian didn’t spoke just waited there with ears wide open and his heart beat were rising up as he heard what Brondir had to say.

Brondir the tree: The story of this land goes way back… When this land called Wondrous Land. Living beings like me were ruling this land. This planet was created by pure magic that provided us with life and longevity. For many thousands years we all lived in harmony, maintaining the balance of life that were required by this planet. It was 5000 years before this day when your kind appeared. At first we welcomed you and treated you with respect and love like any of these land creations. But soon we saw the ugly side of your kind. The unreasonable need for power led this land into war that we couldn’t win. Our numbers was growing a lot slower than yours and the balance of this land was broken. Few of us that left made an agreement with your leader Beron Antillian.

Only by hearing this name Kallian got filled with excitement and was anxious to hear the rest of the story.

Kallian: And what happened then? What agreement you and the Great King had?
Brondir the tree: Patience boy… I see I have your complete attention now. Where was I? Oh yes! Beron… Beron Antillian. After our meeting we opened his eyes and he saw what our war had brought to the land. We had fought only for few years but the damage was too great to let it continue. To create another balance we agreed that the creatures of the past will stay in shadows. Never interfere again. On the other hand your kind will rule the land under the name of Antillian and the secret of this agreement will be transferred from one king to another.

Brondir stoped to take a good look at Kallian who stood there listening carefully every word he said.

Brondir the tree: We stayed this way almost 5000 years now, boy. But it seems the time to break the silence came. The Antillian line has been broken and the new king will use the secrets of this land and lead this planet and everyone to death.

Kallian: What you say is impossible! All our kings are chosen from the book of Bloodline. You speak of false king? You speak of secrets that can destroy us? How can you know that its true?
Brondir the tree: I wish we could trust you right away young Kallian… I personaly do! But to know all secrets that this land has you first must pass a test to prove yourself. Are you ready to do so young Kallian?

Kallian looked serius, he stood there and didn’t speak. The sun was almost up and the snow slowly starts to fall again. He looked up to the sky and opened his arms to welcome the snow and said.

What he said?

1.I liked the story. But it’s only that. Goodbye!
2.I will pass the test. If this land is in danger I’ll do my best to help!
3.I need time to think. I will return soon with the answer.


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