Chapter One : Breaking The Silence

Kallian was confused. Was it real or his ears playing tricks on him? After a few minutes his curiosity won and he quietly dressed and went out without causing any noise. He looked for his hand axe that was laying near the door and placed it on his belt. For some reason he chose his direction like he knew where to go. The forest was deep and dark. The snow made his path difficult but he didn’t give up. He knew this forest like his five fingers. When he was younger he used to play here alone for many hours, pretending to be a royal knight. Many thoughts where passing his mind. Why I’m here? What do I expect to find? Kallian didn’t hear the voice since he left the house. Maybe it was my imagination after all, he thought. I should return back. What if my uncle wakes up and don’t see me there. But before he could finish his thoughts he heard someone singing. It was the same voice, he was sure. Beautiful song in language that he didn’t understand, he felt warm and peaceful. Kallian walked quietly towards the voice and after hiding behind a tree he looked.
There she was. A young beautiful woman dancing and singing around the biggest tree he ever saw. 'I remembered this place, it was an opening deep in the forest' he thought. When he was little he was gathering flowers here for his mother. But this tree wasn’t here back then. And this beautiful woman whoose skin was white like snow and long white hair that gently touched the snow as she was dancing.. Who is she? With these thoughts he stood there charmed from her dance and voice. After few minutes passed, with big surprise and fear he saw the tree starting to shake and made this loud noise that was piercing his ears. With his hands he covered the ears and screamed from pain. When the loud noise stopped he heard a deep and loud voice.

Young boy… Come closer to me…

Kallian opened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw. The woman wasn’t there anymore. Only the three that spoke to him.

What should he do? :

1. Get up and walk towards the tree?
2. Run back and reveal everything to his uncle?
3. Run back in fear and pretend that nothing happened?


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