Chapter Two: Call of the King.

Part III

Kallian didn’t want to get in any trouble, so before the guards would notice him he went back to bed.

Early in the morning everyone got up hearing the loud voices of the guards. They all were ordered to gather outside each tent and wait. So they did. Outside Kallian could see that the camp was growing very fast. Even now people were arriving from every direction of the kingdom. More and more tent was placed by the soldiers. Today was the day when they finally would knew the true reason of the king’s call.

Tolin: Good morning Kallian. So you finally ready to meet this kingdom great Genera? Kallian heard Tolins voice as he was approaching him. He didn’t saw him inside when he woke up.
Kallian: Godd morning. Where were you? I didn’t saw you in.
Tolin: I got up earlier for my morning run. When I was passing close to some guards I heared that the Great Armon him self will be here to talk to us. I’m so exited my friend. You don’t have the opportunity to see such a man often in your life. Kallian could see that Tolin was much exited. Even he had heard storys about this man called Armon. Yes Armon The Great! He thought. I remember when I was little boy, I would pretend to be him. There wasn’t war between kingdoms. So the army would play the role of police and protecting the kingdoms from bandits and not often rebels. Stories about Armon were spreading among the kingdoms he considered to be one of the strongest in whole the land. Soon they heard the guards calling the men to gather in the center of the camp.
Everyone was at the center, there was also the officer’s and the guards made a circle in the middle. Kallian could hear whispers everywhere. People were anxious to see who would come to speak to them. Only Tolin was smiling and fixing his jacket. After few minutes there he was entering the inner circle on his black horse, Armon the Great wearing his green shiny armor and a long great sword. He looked around and then raised his great sword to the air and yelled.

Armon the Great: Hail Attus Antillian! Hail our new King! Everyone froze for a second and then like something got into them, they yelled after him the same words. When they finally got quiet he spoke.
Armon the Great: I greet you all my fellow citizen of Forest Kingdom! Finally we have a king. Finally we have a voice in the council of the Kings! Everyone where nodding and even some men from the crowd yelled “Yes!” , “Finally”, “Long Live the King” and many more. It was true for many years after the death of Auren Antillian uncle of Attus the forest kingdom didn’t have a voice in king’s council. This meting was held every six months to discuss the future of the land and solve any problems that any kingdom could have. So it was hard for the Forest kingdom having no one to speak for them.
Armon the Great: Now when we finally got voice. Now … He stopped for few second then with louder and much angrier voice said. The other kingdom turn they back on us! They say our king isn’t pure blooded! They say or king must be removed at once! They threaten us with war! Will we let them do that!? When the Book of Bloodline found our king worthy to be our ruler! Kallian could see the men there getting angrier by the second even Tolin were yelling “Let them come!”. Kallian was confused he didn’t knew how to respond to all this. In all his confusion his heart almost stoped when he heared a mouse that was on his shoulder, talking to him.

Mouse: So its began…

What Kallian should do:

1.Throw the mouse off him
2.Try to hide and speak to the mouse
3.Ignore it and yell “Let them come!”


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